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The purpose of this packet is to assist you in the investigation related to your identity theft case and
should be completed in its entirety. At the time you make a police report with the Wichita Police
Department, you will be given a case report number. Please keep track of your case number as creditors,
financial institutions and credit report agencies will require it.
This packet contains information which will assist you in the correction of your credit and will help ensure
that you are not responsible for the debts incurred by the thief. In addition, this packet includes
information that will allow you to obtain financial records related to fraudulent accounts; which, if
requested, you will need to provide to law enforcement. We recognize that some victims are only
interested in the correction of their credit and do not necessarily wish to pursue prosecution; therefore, we
request that you only submit this packet to the Wichita Police Department if you desire prosecution. It is
important to understand that in the event a suspect is identified and arrested and the case proceeds to
court, you as the victim would most likely be required to appear and testify.
It is important to note that even if a suspect cannot be identified for prosecution, it will not affect your
ability to correct fraudulent accounts and remove them from your credit. Furthermore, when you report
your theft to the Wichita Police Department, all of the relevant information from your case will be entered
into our database which will allow us to cross-reference your report with potential suspects who are
involved in or have been arrested on other cases.
Pg. 1. Introduction and Instructions
Pg. 4. Step 5: Submitting identity theft affidavits and
copies of all information and records obtained from
Pg. 2. Information and Helpful Hints
Pg. 4. Other entities you may want to report your
identity theft to.
Pg. 2. Step 1: Contact your bank and other credit
Pg. 5 through Pg. 8 Identity Theft Affidavit
card issuers.
Pg. 2. Step 2: Contact all three (3) major Credit
Pg. 9. Sample dispute letter
reporting bureaus.
Pg. 3. Step 3: If your theft resulted in a case of
Pg. 10. Sample dispute letter for existing accounts
identity theft, you should file a report with the
Federal Trade Commission.
Pg. 3. Step 4: Contacting creditors involved in the
Pg. 11 through Pg. 13 Copy of Fair and Accurate
identity theft by phone and writing.
Credit Transactions Act of 2003
Pg. 14 Identity Theft Victim Worksheet


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