Thank You Birthday Note Samples


Thank You Birthday Note Samples
Thank you so much for your wishes. You made my birthday all
the more special.
Thank you so much for making my birthday even more special
with all your wonderful wishes! Trust me, it definitely means a
No matter how old we get, we’ll always need the support of our
friends. Thank you once again, my friends, for being with me on
my birthday.
It was really a great pleasure to see you on my birthday party.
Thanks for making my birthday a special one.
Thank you for not only remembering my birthday, but sending
a gift as well.
Thanks for coming to my birthday party. It wouldn't have been
as much fun without you.
Here’s to adding more life to our years. Thank you for your
warm wishes my dear friend. Looking forward to your birthday.
What multiplies when it is shared? Joy!!! My joy doubled when
I saw your wishes on my wall. Thank you so much for your
wonderful wishes.
Thank you and a very happy birthday to you and me! We’re
both born on the same date but in different countries. Does
distance matter? Not to me. Let’s thank technology for bringing


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