Child Support Obligation Worksheet (Split Custody)


IN THE _____________________________ DISTRICT COURT
________________________________ COUNTY, STATE OF UTAH
Civil No. ______________________
The Combined Child Support Obligation Table used for
calculation is:
) 78B-12-301(1) and 78B-12-302(1)
) 78B-12-301(2) and 78B-12-302(2)
1. Enter the # of natural and adopted children of this mother and father
for whom support is to be awarded.
2. Divide the number of children with each parent by the combined number of children
listed in Line 1.
3a. Enter the father's and mother's gross monthly income. Refer to
Instructions for definition of income.
3b. Enter previously ordered alimony that is actually paid. (Do not enter
alimony ordered for this case.)
3c. Enter previously ordered child support. (Do not enter obligations ordered
for the children in Line 1.)
3d. OPTIONAL: Enter the amount from Line 12 of the Children in Present
Home Worksheet for either parent.
4. Subtract Lines 3b, 3c, and 3d from 3a. This is the Adjusted Gross Income
for child support purposes.
5. Take the COMBINED figure in Line 4 and the number of children in Line 1
to the Support Table. Find the Base Combined Support Obligation. Enter it
6. Divide each parent's adjusted monthly gross in Line 4 by the COMBINED adjusted
monthly gross in Line 4.
7. Multiply Line 5 by Line 6 for each parent to obtain each parent's share of
the Base Support Obligation.
8. Multiply the mother's Line 7 by the father's Line 2. This is the mother's
obligation to the father.
9. Multiply the father's Line 7 by the mother's Line 2. This is the father's
obligation to the mother.
10. BASE CHILD SUPPORT AWARD: Subtract the lesser amount (OBLIGEE'S) from the
greater amount (OBLIGOR'S) of Lines 8 and 9. This is the amount the OBLIGOR pays to the
obligee all 12 months of the year.
Which parent is the obligor?
( ) Mother
( ) Father
Is the support award the same as the guideline amount in Line 10? ( ) Yes
( ) No
If NO, enter the amount ordered: $__________________ , and answer number 13.
13. What were the reasons stated by the court for the deviation?
( ) property settlement
( ) excessive debts of the marriage
( ) absence of need of the custodial parent
( ) other: _______________________________________________________________________________
Attorney Bar No. _______________


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