Sample Bank Reference Letter Template


[Pretty Nails Corporation Reference Letter]
[Wells Fargo]
Date: 04/25/14
Re: Pretty Nails Corporation
To Whom It May Concern:
At the request of our customer, Pretty Nails Corporation, please be advised of the
Following information. We currently have three separate demand deposit accounts with Pretty
Nails Corporation. The earliest was opened up in _March______, 2012. Currently the average
balance for the year 2014 of all checking accounts was $__20,000__________.
We provide Pretty Nails Corporation with a line of credit in the amount of $ _20,000______. At
the present time there is $__11,000______ outstanding. This line will mature on
___July_________, 2014 and is secured by a first position security interest in the assets of the
entity as well as a mortgage on real estate owned by one of the principals.
Pretty Nails Corporation has maintained a satisfactory relationship with our Bank for
Over seven years and we hold this account in high regard.
If I can be of further assistance in this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Wells Fargo Bank Owner
John Britto
Executive Owner


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