Form Tc-938 - Instructions For Utah Special Fuel User Renewal Application And Decal Request


Clear form
If you have ceased operations, check "CANCEL SFU
Permit" below and enter the cancel date.
Corrections - please explain
If you have any questions about your SFU renewal or need forms,
contact the Tax Commission by calling (801) 297-6800 or toll-free
1-888-251-9555 or access the Tax Commission web site at
Instructions for Utah Special Fuel User (SFU)
Renewal Application and Decal Request
Rev. 11/12
READ THIS FIRST: Read this information before you complete this form.
If you purchase fuel with the proper Utah tax paid you do not have to file a quarterly return.
You are required to sign the Record Statement and the Fuel Certification below.
If you have exempt use of Utah tax paid fuel, you may file for a refund on a quarterly basis using form TC-922, IFTA/SFU Tax
Return. You are required to sign the Record Statement and the Fuel Certification below.
If you are anticipating a refund or you have bulk storage, maintain detailed mileage records and summaries, detailed fuel purchase
records and bulk disbursement records for vehicles traveling in Utah.
If you purchase fuel without the proper Utah tax paid, you will be required to file form TC-922, IFTA/SFU Tax Return, due and
payable at the Tax Commission on or before the last day of the month following the reporting period. You only need to complete
the renewal information and sign the Record Statement signature below. Do not sign the Fuel Certification below.
Renewal Application
SFU Permit
Complete and return the entire renewal application to renew your SFU permit
Your SFU permit will be sent to the current address listed on our SFU account
and receive decals. Return within 10 days.
file. A copy of the permit must be kept in the cab of each SFU qualified vehicle.
Corrections - Business Name, Address and Telephone Information
SFU Decals Display
If corrections need to be made to your business name, address or telephone
Each SFU qualified vehicle shall display two decals, one on each side of the
number, then note the corrections in the area provided above.
vehicle cab.
Ownership Changes
Bulk Fuel
If there is an ownership change or if the account number preprinted on this
Check the appropriate box below concerning your bulk fuel.
application is incorrect, you must contact the Tax Commission, (801) 297-6800
Non-Utah Travel
or toll free 1-888-251-9555 for instructions.
If you regularly travel in jurisdictions other than Utah, apply for IFTA using form
TC-69MC. Do not renew your SFU permit.
USTC Use Only
Enter the calendar year (Jan - Dec)
Do you have bulk storage facilities?
Sch. A
for which you are renewing.
If "Yes," list supplier(s): _____________________________
There is no charge for SFU decals. Enter the
number of qualified vehicles needing SFU decals
CANCEL SFU Permit (Cancel date: ____________)
Business name and address
Mail to :
Utah State Tax Commission
SFU account number
U.S. DOT number
SFU Renewal
210 N 1950 W
SLC UT 84134-8160
Telephone number
Fuel Certification
Record Statement
I certify all of my fuel purchased for the prior year has had the proper
I acknowledge that I will comply with reporting, payment, record keeping and
license display requirements. l agree that Utah may withhold any refunds due
Utah taxes paid at the time of purchase. In addition, no dyed or otherwise
if I become delinquent paying fuel or other taxes. Failure to comply with these
non-Utah paid fuel was consumed in any of my vehicles which operate on
the highways of this state.
provisions are grounds for revocation of my SFU permit. I certify that the
information contained herein is true, correct, and complete
Date signed
Date signed
For office use only


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