Offer Letter For Nine Month Classified Temporary, Form Ssa-1945 - Statement Concerning Your Employment In A Job


Updated 1-2013
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Dear Ms/Mr. Name:
I am pleased to offer you the position of a Temporary Aide (you may use the working title, if appropriate
here instead of the state classified title) with the University of Colorado, DEPT/UNIT, for a period not to
exceed nine months, effective DATE. This position is classified under the state personnel system as a
Temporary Aide. You will report to me (or list another individual here) as your supervisor. Your job
location will be LOCATION.
This offer of employment is contingent on you passing a criminal
background check.
Your hourly salary will be $xx.xx and will be paid bi-weekly. This position is eligible for overtime.
Overtime must be pre-approved, and any overtime worked will be paid on the next payroll cycle.
As a Temporary Aide, you will contribute to the Public Employee Retirement Association (PERA) in
place of Social Security. Your salary is not covered by Social Security and there could be implications on
any Social Security Benefits you may receive in the future. We are required to notify you of this, and ask
that you read and sign the attached Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by
Social Security form and return it and a copy of this offer letter to Human Resources.
(Optional: Include for PERA Retirees only) As a PERA retiree, you will be responsible for monitoring
the effect this employment might have on your PERA retirement benefits. Effective January 1, 2011, all
retirees working after retirement must pay an 8 percent working retiree contribution. The working retiree
contribution does not accrue any additional benefit and retirees are not eligible for a refund of these
You may wish to add additional information on topics such as working hours, shift information, special
work assignments, uniforms, etc. Anything that you consider to be an important component of the job
should be listed here.
Welcome to the University of Colorado Denver. We/I look forward to working with you. Please sign
below and return the letter to me. We will return to you a copy of this letter in a few days (or on the first
day of employment).
Appointing Authority
I accept this position as described above.


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