Letter Of Intent For Internship Template


Letter of Intent
A letter of intent is a very brief letter to a training director expressing your interest in their practicum
The letter should contain:
Something brief about you (especially any unique characteristics about you)
Your experiences - concisely summarized
What the program will offer you (relevant to your goals)
What you might offer their program
Important Things to Know About Good Letters of intent
Balance is the key to good letters
Excitement but professionalism
Be specific: vagueness kills
Highlight what is unique about you (if you are unsure – ask your supervisor)
Be ‘humbly boastful’ (don’t minimize or overstate experiences)
Excitement … not hyperbole. In the end these placements are often with tough populations; your
readers know this
How to Write a L of I - General format
Note: This is just a guideline – It’s good to be creative!
State what placement/position you are applying for & that you’ve included your CV
Briefly state your clinical experiences
Their specific placement
Articulate what interests you about their program
Mention how this fits with your goals
State what you’ll bring to their program
How to Write a L of I – The Process of Writing
Ask other people (professors, friends, family) to read it
Ask someone to read it who does not know you well. Does it read clearly to them?
Read other successful letters (especially from 2
years who are working at the placement you are
Put it away for a bit and come back to it later
Don’t be afraid to ‘start over’
In fact, the best letters are almost always subsequent re-writes
It is appropriate to use a letter of intent in several different situations. The most common
situation is when you intend to purchase a business. This sample letter of intent demonstrates
how to notify an individual of your intent to purchase his or her business.
Your Name
Your street address
Your city and state
Dear [present owner]:
After our discussion on Wednesday, my business partners and I discussed the situation, and
we concluded that we intend to purchase your business, Twice Over. We are willing to pay


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