Student Behavior Contract First Warning Template


Mission Valley
Date: 7/23/2015
Unacceptable Behavior-Tardiness
Description: Student arrived late to work based learning site.
Class time:___________ Student arrival time:______________
Previous Interventions:
(date) student received verbal warning regarding tardiness
(date) student received verbal warning regarding tardiness
This is your student’s first written warning. Mission Valley ROP is a work based learning
environment. Students are held accountable for their behavior. Students attending programs at the
ROP Center are trained in appropriate work ethics and behavior. An important work ethic that
students must learn and adhere to is punctuality to be successful at the ROP Center. According to
our records your student has been unable to arrive on time to class on more than one occasion
despite verbal reminders. Please have a discussion with your student and explain the importance of
arriving on time. If necessary, please help your student create and implement a plan that will enable
them to be successful in arriving to class on time everyday.
Further tardy violations will result in a second contract being issued. If this should occur, you and the
home school site will be notified. Issuance of the second written contract will result in your student
being placed on probation at the ROP Center. After being placed on probation, further violations
including tardiness and/or other behavioral inappropriateness will result in the student being returned
back to their home school site. Your student will not be allowed to return to ROP Center classes this
school year and credits may be affected.
Student Signature: __________________________________ Date: ____________
Parent Signature: __________________________________ Date: ____________
Teacher Signature: __________________________________ Date: ____________
Admin. Signature: __________________________________ Date: ____________


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