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Instructions – Form SRA
3. If a New Hampshire business or a business formed in a state other than New Hampshire intends to
offer ownership interests for sale and is not subject to any exemption from registration, the securities
must be registered with the Bureau of Securities Regulation. If this is the case, you should check
Item 3. In addition, you should provide us with the date that you registered the securities or that you
intend to register the securities.
4. If your business was formed in a state other than New Hampshire and you will not offer or sell
ownership interests in New Hampshire, you should check Item 4. Your securities do not need to be
registered nor do you need to seek an exemption from registration.
Part III: One item in Part III must be checked. Check only ONE item in this part.
1. If your business was not formed in New Hampshire, then you should check this item.
2. If your business was formed in New Hampshire, then you should check this item.
Part IV: This is a statement certifying the accuracy of all the information contained in the Form SRA.
Part IV must be signed. Please note that we cannot accept photocopied signatures for this filing. All
signatures must be original. Also, please make note of all individuals who must sign this document:
1) ALL of the incorporators of a corporation to be formed; OR
2) ONE executive officer of an existing corporation; OR
3) ALL of the general partners or intended general partners of a limited partnership; OR
4) ONE or MORE authorized members or managers of a limited liability company; OR
5) ONE or MORE authorized partners of a registered limited liability partnership or foreign
registered limited liability partnership.
- 2 -
Rev. 5/2007


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