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Cover Letter Sample: Undergraduate student applying for a full‐time job 
111 Raisin Drive
Wesley, WI 09812
November 15, 2008
Mr. John Bevins
CBS Television Network
Human Resources
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019
Dear Mr. Bevins:
As a former U.S. Whitewater Kayak Team member, I have competed at a world-class level in my respective
sport, something I could not have done without discipline and hard work. As a senior in American University’s
School of Communication, I plan to apply the same determination that made me an accomplished athlete in my
future broadcasting career. I have focused my education on working in news, non-fiction, and documentary
television production and I am seeking entry-level employment with CBS.
Through my minor in International Politics and attending school in Washington, DC, I have both knowledge
and interest in public affairs, politics, and international relations. During courses in both visual communications
and foreign policy analysis, I have developed skills in written, oral, and multimedia expression as well as
analytical skills - all critical to working in the news and non-fiction television industry.
As a production assistant for Story House Productions in Washington, DC, I worked closely with journalist
Peter Bergem (CNN Terrorist expert and author of Holy War, Inc.) as well as the executive producer and
producer researching global terrorism for the Discovery Times Channel feature, Al Qaeda 2.0. Because of the
small, intimate nature of the company, the producers relied on me to fill multiple roles without being asked and
with minimal supervision, giving me diverse exposure in television production and experience working in a
high-pressure environment.
I would describe myself as a technically competent person and a quick learner who is comfortable working
with the many tools of television production. This expertise explains why many of the producers at Story House
Productions relied on me for tape handling and duplicating as well as computer-related issues. I work well
under pressure and become engrossed in whatever subject I am pursuing. My passion lies in non-fiction visual
storytelling and the process and research that go into it. I would like to apply this passion to a career with CBS.
I have enclosed my resume and I am available to begin work in early December. If you have any questions or
need additional information, please contact me at 292-888-7654 or by email at .
Sarah L. Williams


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