Formal Letter Apology Template


Formal Letter Apology Template
(insert your name)
(insert your address)
(insert recipient address)
(insert date)
Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms (insert name),
This is a formal apology letter from me and my husband on behalf of our child
(insert name) in regards to the incident that occurred in the playground last
week on (insert date).
As we had discussed all together in the meeting at school the past week, it is
important for us to put in writing that we have spoken and disciplined (insert
child´s name) in an appropriate manner. We hope that he has learnt his lesson
and will not behave in this manner again.
We appreciate your efforts for helping to ease the situation between our children
and hope that (enter other child´s name) will also not behave in this way again.
As we set an example for our children, we must teach them right from wrong.
Thank you for your and (insert partner name)´s cooperation during this time. If
there is anything else you need from myself or my husband, don´t be shy to
contact us.
Kind regards,
(insert your name)
(insert contact details)


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