Chronological Resume Template Page 4


Running in-depth talent reviews across the organization
Succession planning for the sales department
Identify talent trends and make recommendations to the
management team
Partner with regional HR teams
Support the sales leadership team with day-to-day issues
such as employee grievances, disciplinary issues and
Skills development
Change management]
[Include all responsibilities and use your current job description
and/or key performance indicators.]
List any achievements attained during this position
[Example: Responsible for the roll out of a new employee leave
[Delete if not applicable]
Reason for leaving
Insert reason for leaving
[Example: Career growth]
[This section is optional. Delete if not applicable.]
Volunteer work
Insert any volunteer work experience here
[Example: Assist school leavers with job readiness programmes
at the Diepsloot Youth Centre]
Sporting achievements
List sporting achievements here
Awarded provincial colours for swimming in 2004
Awarded school colours for swimming in 2001]
Part-time roles
List any part time roles here
Worked at the South African agency in London in 2005]
Hobbies and interests
List your hobbies and interests here.
Watching rugby
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