10 High-paying Job Opportunities For Veteran Employment


For a former member of the military returning the field back to civilian life, it is important to know what veteran employment opportunities are available and what jobs are in demand today. Here is a list of ten possible job opportunities for veterans where they can use the best of skills attained during their military service in the civilian field of work.


Most people need help sorting out their finances, taxes and general outcome and income. Most veterans who just left the field need financial advice, too. Who, if not the person involved in the same field, can offer them help? A former member of forces turned financial consultant will remember to tell their veteran clients about the VA benefits they may be missing out on, explain home loan eligibility and income tax payments. You may even consider giving career counselling and civilian life advice for those who just left the field.


If you had experience training people during your time in the military, you might consider continuing that career path after you transition. A training specialist is one of the good job opportunities for veterans who know a thing or two about training and organizing personnel. Many companies are in dire need of a specialist who can successfully design, set up and run a training program for new and current employees. Some companies may even consider hiring a person with military training experience without a degree.


If you have work experience somewhere outside your country and have mastered one or even several foreign languages, why not try yourself in the translation or writing fields? Language skills that veterans pick up during their work overseas can be valuable to a potential employer. Do not forget to highlight your language skills in your resume.


Starting a career as a physical therapist is a possible employment opportunity for vets with experience working in nursing or physical therapy during their time in the field. With some training, you can start helping other people -  including former veterans! - to restore or improve their mobility and reduce pain without the drugs or extreme surgical treatment.


Working in management and consulting is one of the best job opportunities for veterans. Former members of the military learn to perform in the most effective and efficient ways and that is exactly what all the companies need from their management consultants. In general, management consultants are responsible for ensuring that all tasks mowers and all inefficiencies solved, with skills like accuracy, efficiency and meticulousness being the most valued in this career path.  


A Human Recourses manager can help other people from the veteran community explore their employment opportunities in different organizations and help the employee find the perfectly trained and skilled people for a job. Knowing the expectations and potential inside the community of fellow vets, a former member of forces will be able to find and suggest more job opportunities for fellow veterans with military experience and invaluable skills.

You can also consider a side job of providing much-needed help with putting together sharp resumes, employment checklists and general career counselling.


If you acquired aviation experience during your time in the forces, this line of career can be an especially good choice for you. The job requires a mix of organizational skills, carefulness and accuracy along with knowledge of specific codes, standards and methods used in aviation. If working with aviation and aircrafts was your job in the military, you might want to strongly consider continuing working in the same field in civilian life.


Engineering and related careers provide a good opportunity of veteran employment for those involved in weapon developing and working with navigation or electrical systems back in the field. A former vet with all the necessary skills can find a job of an electrical engineer in government agencies, private engineering firms or public utilities.


Finding work as a mechanic is one of solid job opportunities for veterans who know how to fix things and like doing it. If you are good with using tools to repair or built machinery, it may be a good choice for your veteran employment journey. You can work with different machinery from boats, cars, and trucks to household appliances and gadgets. Any device can break and malfunction and everyone will need a good mechanic eventually. If you have acquired the necessary skills and are relatively tech-savvy, it can just become your next work opportunity.


Logisticians coordinate and analyze product supply chains from its acquisition and delivery to allocation and distribution. In short, you coordinate a system that moves a product from supplier to the consumer market. It is a great veteran employment opportunity: the field is expected to grow fast, and it requires many personal skills that former members of forces tend to have, like confidence, meticulousness, and thriftiness.