High School Parent Satisfaction Survey


High School Parent Satisfaction Survey - Spring 2013
The percent for each question indicates a response of strongly agree and agree.
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Number of Responses
1. My child is learning to read effectively.
2. My child is learning to write effectively.
3. My child is learning to use the fine arts (music, art, drama) to
express him/ herself.
4. My child is learning to use math to solve problems.
5. My child is learning how to ask questions and access information
resources to find answers.
6. My child is learning important science concepts and processes.
7. In social studies, my child is learning to be a better citizen by
learning about the world and the people in it.
8. My child is learning to be healthy and physically fit through the
health/ physical education classes.
9. My child is learning to effectively use technology to support
his/her learning.
10. I receive useful and timely information on the academic
progress and achievement of my child.
11. The school is meeting the needs of students with high academic
12. The school is meeting needs of students with disabilities.
13. The school provides an environment which encourages creative
14. The school has high expectations of academic performance for
all students.
15. The school has high expectations for student behavior.
16. The school meals have a variety of foods and are nutritious.
17. The school recognizes and demonstrates the importance of
parent involvement.
18. The administration is accessible and open to communication.
19. I am satisfied with the education my child is receiving at
Dover-Eyota Public Schools.
20. The staff cares about my child and treats my child as an
21. I feel welcomed and respected when I visit my child’s school.
22. The staff listens and responds to my concerns and opinions.
23. My child feels safe in school.
24. The school strives to prevent and respond to harassment/
25. The administration treats student concerns fairly.
26. Bus drivers establish a safe environment on the bus.
27. Extra curricular activities meet the needs of my child/ children.
28. The Community Education Program meets my family’s needs.
29. School buildings are clean.
30. School grounds are well maintained.
31. There is a computer in our home with Internet Access.
32. If you answered yes to the previous question, is your Internet
Access high speed?


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