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Church Name: ____________________________________________ Phone Number ____________________
Address _________________________________________________ Fax Number ______________________
Taxes. Taxes attributable to the Premises or the use of the Premises shall be allocated
as follows:
(a) Real Estate Taxes. Landlord shall pay all real estate taxes and
assessments for the Premises.
(b) Personal Property Taxes. Tenant shall pay all personal property taxes,
and any other charges levied against the Premises, which are attributable to Tenant's
use of the Premises.
Mechanics Liens. Neither the Tenant nor anyone claiming through the Tenant shall
have the right to file mechanics liens or any other kind of lien on the Premises, and the
filing of this Lease constitutes notice that such liens are invalid. Further, Tenant
agrees to give actual advance notice to any contractors, subcontractors, or suppliers of
goods, labor, or services that such liens will not be valid.
Defaults. Tenant shall be in default of this Lease, if Tenant fails to fulfill any Lease
obligation or term by which Tenant is bound. Subject to any governing provisions of
law to the contrary, if Tenant fails to cure any financial obligation within fifteen (15)
days (or any other obligation within ten (10) days) after written notice of such default
is provided by Landlord to Tenant, Landlord at its option may take possession of the
Premises without further notice and remove Tenant and its effects, and Tenant shall
then quit and surrender the Premises to Landlord, but without prejudicing Landlord’s
rights to damages. In the alternative, Landlord may elect to cure any default and the
cost of such action shall be added to Tenant's financial obligations under this Lease.
Tenant shall pay all costs, damages, and expenses suffered by Landlord by reason of
Tenant's defaults. Landlord’s rights under this Lease are cumulative, and shall not be
construed as exclusive unless otherwise required by law.
Holdover. If Tenant, with Landlord’s consent, remains in possession of the Premises
after expiration or termination of the Lease, then such holding over shall be construed
as a tenancy from month to month, subject to all conditions, provisions, and
obligations of this Lease insofar as the same are applicable to a month-to-month
Keys. Landlord will assign ____ sets of entrance keys to Tenant. Tenant will not
copy any keys provided by Landlord and will carefully supervise the use of keys
provided to maintain security of the Premises.
Assignability/Subletting. Tenant may not assign or sublease any interest in the
Premises without the prior written consent of Landlord, which shall not be
unreasonably held. Landlord’s consent to one assignment or subletting shall not be
deemed to be a consent to any subsequent assignment or subletting. Landlord’s
consent to an assignment or sublease shall not relieve Tenant of its obligations under
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Initials: Landlord ____________________ Tenant ____________________


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