Sample Fundraising Letter Template


Sample Fundraising Letter
Dear Sir/Madame,
At _______________ ________ ________ we strive to equip all of our students with the solid foundation they need to be successful in school
and in life. Knowing that many of our students come to school without eating breakfast each day, we are now offering a breakfast club
serving ___________ students every morning. As a school community that does our best to foster a strong and supportive learning environment,
we want to ensure that hunger is not a barrier to our student’s success.
Studies indicate that a healthy breakfast positively influences student health and academic achievement. When students attend school on
an empty stomach their energy levels, problem solving skills, creativity, concentration and behavior are negatively impacted. As a result of
coming to school hungry, these students may not meet their full potential. Having access to a healthy breakfast at school does more than fulfill
a basic need. The breakfast club introduces students to new fruits and vegetables, promotes the development of lifelong healthy living habits,
teaches students leadership and life skills and fosters a safe and supportive school environment. The benefits from this vital meal are felt in the
classroom, at home, and ultimately, in our communities.
The breakfast club receives partial funding from Breakfast Club of Canada; however we depend on support from the broader
school community to ensure the sustainability of this important program. Currently we are in need of _______________amount, equipment,
volunteers, food donations etc._________________ to support the program. Any contribution, either financial or in kind, that you can provide
would be greatly appreciated.
By working together, we will make a real and lasting difference in students’ lives and ensure that every student receives their first bite
to success!
Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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