Petition To Proceed In Forma Pauperis Instruction Sheet


These instructions are meant to give you
general information and not legal advice.
A Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis (IFP) may be filed if you do not have the necessary
funds required for filing a complaint or petition for custody or support. If you currently receive
public assistance from the Department of Human Services or SSI benefits, you will need to
complete the IFP Petition and provide proof of your benefits. If you do not receive these benefits
and are requesting that the Court permit you to proceed IFP, you will need to complete the IFP
Petition and the Poverty Affidavit.
1. Complete, date and sign the In Forma Pauperis Petition (IFP) and Poverty Affidavit (if
necessary) with as much information as you have. (detailed instructions included)
2. Make two copies of the papers you are filing.
3. File the original completed IFP petition with the complaint, petition, or motion you are filing
with the Court by mailing or hand-delivering them in person to:
Clerk of Court
1501 Arch Street – 11
Philadelphia PA 19102
You will not have to pay a filing fee on the complaint, petition, or motion while the Court is
reviewing and deciding your IFP petition.
4. If the petition is granted, you will not have to pay a filing fee on the petition or on any other
documents you file in your case. If the Court denies the petition, you will be required to pay the
filing fee for your complaint, petition, or motion within ten (10) days, or the complaint, petition
or motion will be rejected.
Sponsored by the Family Law Section of the Philadelphia Bar Association
February 2015


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