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Please note Effective January 1, 2010, p rofessional house cleaning and carpet cleaning will be ordered by our office for all mov e outs.
However, the more you are able to clean, the less work a professional house cleaner will have to do, mean ing the mo re you may
receive fro m your deposit. PLEASE NOTE: Ned Baker Real Estate, does not make money off the items charg ed to you, the amounts
charged will be direct b ills fro m the independent Vendors scheduled; you will receive copies of all bills charged to your acc ount, upon
your final accounting.Final accounting may include your final water bill. The reason for this is because cities will find the
owner of the property liable for any amount of the bill not pai d by you .
When you move we ask you to please take care of the followi ng items:
Pay all outstanding utility bills and take service out of your name.
Notify post office of your new address
If you need an extension please notify us as soon as possible.( Please note you will be charged a daily rate fo r any additional
days PAST your in itial move out date that we have not received keys. )
Upon leaving the property please DO NOT turn off o r unplug any appliances.
Please see attached ledger for any unpaid charges still pending on your account. Please clear these charges up as soon as
If you leave any personal items in the house inside or out even if I consider it trash an Abandoned Property Notice will be
posted on the property door with a copy mailed to me to my forwarding address provi ded above. This notice will allow me to
get any personal belongings out of the house with in 15 days after the notice is posted. I understand if this happens I will be
charged a daily fee for storage of these items equal to one half of the dail y prorated rent.
Tenant Signature: ______________________________ Tenant Signature: ______________________________
Tenant Signature: ______________________________ Tenant Signature: ______________________________
Date Management received: __________________ Staff Signature: ___________________________________
( If received by mail p lease attach envelope showing Postmark date )
( Office use only )
_____ Copy of tenants30Day Notice signed
_____ Tenant Vacancy Questionnaire
_____ Deposit refund check list


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