Sample Resume Outline:


Your Name
Your Address
Your Phone Number
Your E-Mail
If you decide that you wish to include an objective on your resume, make sure that
it is specific and well stated. Avoid vague and ambiguous statements.
In this section you will want to include information about the institutions you have
attended, degrees received, and your majors and minors. Optional information for
this section can include your GPA, honors and awards including Dean's List and
study abroad information. Below is a typical format for a Temple student:
Temple University
Philadelphia, PA
Bachelor of Science, Early Childhood Education
May 20XX
• Overall GPA: 3.2/4.0 Dean's List: Spring 20xx
Your Experience sections can take on many different formats. You might have a
separate section for Teaching Experience or Research Experience. Other
Experience sections might be called Work Experience, Related Experience,
Volunteer Experience, Leadership Experience, etc. Keep in mind that you may
have an Experience section with only one item in it. This is a good tactic if you
want to draw particular attention to what you feel is a very important aspect of your
resume. It is more important to categorize your experiences based on relatedness
of the skills you used or learned rather than whether or not you were paid,
received credit for the experience, or if it took place during the school year or the
summer. Therefore, a Related Experience section might include a summer job, a
credit-bearing internship and a research project that you did for class. A typical
entry in an Experience section might look like this:
Student Teacher
Fall 20XX
Shermer Area School District, Grade 4, Shermer, IL
Developed bulletin boards, handouts and activities for a class of 25 students
Implemented positive classroom management strategies
Participated in an Open House and assisted with parent conferences
Include clubs and organizations that you have been a member of, volunteer
activities that you have participated in and leadership positions that you have held
not stated elsewhere on the resume.
Computer Skills: Should include information on systems, software, hardware and
languages that you have used that are relevant to a career in education.
Foreign Language Skills: List written or verbal ability in any foreign language.
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