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Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Levels
Level One Activities
Level Two Activities
Level Three Activities
Level Four Activities
Recall elements and details of
Identify and summarize the major
Support ideas with details and
Conduct a project that requires
story structure, such as sequence
events in a narrative.
specifying a problem, designing and
of events, character, plot and
conducting an experiment, analyzing
Use context cues to identify the
Use voice appropriate to the purpose
its data, and reporting
meaning of unfamiliar words.
and audience.
Conduct basic mathematical
Solve routine multiple-step
Identify research questions and
Apply mathematical model to
design investigations for a scientific
illuminate a problem or situation.
Label locations on a map.
Describe the cause/effect of a
Analyze and synthesize information
Represent in words or diagrams a
particular event.
Develop a scientific model for a
from multiple sources.
scientific concept or relationship.
complex situation.
Identify patterns in events or
Describe and illustrate how common
Perform routine procedures like
Determine the author’s purpose and
themes are found across texts from
measuring length or using
describe how it affects the
different cultures.
punctuation marks correctly.
Formulate a routine problem given
interpretation of a reading selection.
data and conditions.
Design a mathematical model to
Describe the features of a place or
Apply a concept in other contexts.
inform and solve a practical or
Organize, represent and interpret
abstract situation.
Examples of Technology Integration/ Instructional Strategies (DOK) for Levels
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Technology Integration/
Technology Integration/
Technology Integration/
Technology Integration/
Instructional Strategies
Instructional Strategies
Instructional Strategies
Instructional Strategies
Teacher Directed:
Teacher Directed:
Teacher Directed:
Teacher Directed:
Use appropriate technology to
Use appropriate technology
Use appropriate technology
Use appropriate technology
support activities in which students
resources for
drill &
resources for question/answer,
(document camera/LCD
plan, reason, and explain their
graphic organizers,
projector/Interactive whiteboard)
sorts, measurement,
brainstorming, graphing,
in class discussions for
thought processes.
and practice test questions
highlighting/color coding as
contrasting/comparing; draw
part of
guided reading
conclusions; differentiation;
Use appropriate technology
Student Directed
resources in teaching
practice, organizing ideas,
revision; assessment; teaching/
demonstrating problem-solving
Marzano’s High Yield Strategy:
Use appropriate technology to
compare/contrast, making
strategies, evidence citation, etc.
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