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A tournament bracket is a chart or diagram that displays the players' pairings and progress during a tournament, with the most common types being single, double and triple elimination brackets. The name "tournament bracket" comes from the actual tree-like chart being made of square bracket punctuation symbols. In some instances, the full bracket is put together before the first game. Some tournaments will use "seeding" to prevent the strongest contestants from meeting until the later round. Tournament brackets are most popular in the US and are commonly used in competitive sports and game events.

Creating Your Own Tournament Bracket Template

It’s relatively easy to your own tournament bracket template at home. To start off, count the number of teams and think your bracket layout through. Are you making a tournament bracket for a seeded match or will it be a blind draw for the players? Either way - leave room to list the teams’ or players’ names and the name of the game or the event. Don’t forget to leave extra space to enter times, dates, and locations of the games. Consider creating the tournament bracket template online or on your computer to load at your tournament and display the results on screen as the game progresses.

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