Sample Employment Contract Template For/b1/a3/g5/nato-7 Applicants


[Insert name/company] AND [Insert name]
This Employment Contract, made and entered into this _____ day of _____________,20____, by
and between the ___________________________ ("EMPLOYER"), and
_____________________ ("EMPLOYEE").
EMPLOYER is a _______________
In signing the contract, the EMPLOYER and EMPLOYEE agree to abide by all Federal, State,
and local laws in the United States. EMPLOYER agrees that EMPLOYEE’s passport and visa
will remain in the sole possession of EMPLOYEE at all times. At no time will a copy of this
contract, or any other personal property of the EMPLOYEE be withheld by the EMPLOYER for
any reason.
EMPLOYER and EMPLOYEE agree as follows:
1. TERM The EMPLOYER employs the EMPLOYEE, and the EMPLOYEE hereby accepts
employment as a domestic employee for a _______-YEAR term commencing on
___________,20____ and ending on ___________,20____. During this time EMPLOYEE will
work only for EMPLOYER.
A. DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES The Employee is the (Insert Job) for the EMPLOYER as
prescribed in the following job description.
The duties of the EMPLOYEE shall include, but are not limited to the following:
(Insert duties)
B. HOURS OF WORK EMPLOYEE will work (insert hours, 35-40 hours) a week, and will not
be required to remain at work premises without compensation at any time.
Amount EMPLOYER will compensate EMPLOYEE at the Federal or State minimum or
prevailing wage, whichever is greater. Specifically,(insert amount).
Frequency and Form of Payment EMPLOYEE will be paid on a (insert time) basis, in (insert
form of payment).
Wage Deductions EMPLOYER will not withhold from EMPLOYEE’s wages any amount for
lodging. EMPLOYER will not make deductions from EMPLOYEE’s wages for any other
expenses, such as meals, the provision of medical care, medical insurance, or travel.
D. BENEFITS Employee shall receive the following benefits, in addition to a minimum of one
full day off each week:
a. Holidays (insert here)
b. Sick Days (insert here)
c. Vacation Days (insert here).
E. OVERTIME EMPLOYER agrees that any hours worked in excess of the normal number of
hours worked per week are considered overtime hours, and that hours in which the employee is


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