Sample Resume Template For Biology Major


Revised 2-7-15
Sample Resumes for the Biology Major
This document contains 4 different resumes.
You are required to follow the style of one of the resumes
(see the
Instructions document for this assignment for what is meant by “style”).
The first three resumes are from students that are sophomores, juniors or early seniors. The last resume is for a
graduating senior or a recent graduate.
Note that each resume below differs somewhat in content, especially in the “sections” that they contain. For
example, one resume has a “Summary of Qualifications” section but others do not. Likewise, one resume has
an “Honors and Awards” section but others do not. You have flexibility in what sections you include on your
resume. In other words, if you like a certain style of resume, but it does not have a “Summary of
Qualifications” section and you would like to have this, feel free to include it.
Above all else, you need to develop a resume that you think will be most helpful to you in getting the position!
Sample 1: Suzanne Transopho’s resume
This resume appears on the next page. It is a very basic resume, one that would be appropriate for a
sophomore or first-semester transfer student who does not YET have a lot of relevant experience,
e.g., science coursework, research, internships, etc.
However, this person does have other work experience and she describes this in the Experience
Notice how she highlights her accomplishments in this section. Notice how she also tries to indicate
that she has at least one transferable skill: leadership ability.
Suzanne does not have a lot of relevant experience (yet) but she is doing everything she can to make
herself look desirable to whoever is reading the resume!
Note that Suzanne is giving both her local address and her home address in western Maryland. In
case she wants to use the resume to get a summer job near her home, she wants people to see that
she will be living locally. Otherwise, employers in western Maryland might wonder how someone
from Towson would manage to work at a location many hours' journey away from their home!


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