Sample Resume Template With Work Experience


Forename SURNAME
e-mail: professional email address tel: UK landline or mobile
Education and Qualifications
Degree and Subject
Location; City and Country
applicable additional info
Work Experience
Sep-07 – Aug-10
Official Company Name
City, Country
Job title
Please use 3-4 bullets maximum to describe your job function &
Concentrate on your achievements, and what you have distinctly
contributed to in each role, using quantitative examples where possible
Examples that may assist you –
“Advised client’s Digital Media division on £3M international expansion,
coordinating a team of 8 analysts during initial research phase”
“Structured and negotiated equipment deal financing including credit
purchases, rentals, and 31 lease contracts worth $745k”
Jun-05 – Sep-07
Official Company Name
City, Country
Job title
Make sure your work experience comes to life, consider what someone
reading your CV would be most interested in
Avoid any negativity or short comings on your CV that may raise the
wrong questions
Try to avoid having your CV read like a job description
Mar-04 – Jun-05
Official Company Name
City, Country
Job title
Try to ensure your CV is easy to scan, start bullet points with relevant
action verbs
You can also include significant relevant voluntary experience in your
work experience if it is applicable
Try to avoid industry jargon that may not be understood
Aug-03 – Mar-04
Official Company Name
City, Country
Job title
Use past tense for roles you have completed
Please set dates using the abbreviated month and two digits for the year,
you must include months as well as years
Make sure your CV is an accurate reflection of you and what you want to
highlight about your experience
Stick to facts you can easily discuss. Avoid subjective comments
Additional Information
Concentrate on activities you participate in and are willing to talk about. You
should highlight achievements in those activities. Eg. rather than just listing
‘running’ say ‘running – participated in several marathons, President of the
Oxford Runners Club’
List academic or other achievements here, for example
First Class Honours, Previous University
Study abroad scholarship (selected 3 out of 600 students)
Principal Cellist of London Youth Orchestra
your nationality, dual nationality, and any additional work authorization if
languages other than English and ability level eg. German (fluent)


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