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6. Prepayment
6.1 The Customer may at any time prepay all or part of the Loan provided that:
(a) all payments received by Samba shall be applied by Samba in or towards settlement of the Loan in the inverse order of maturity of each installment;
(b) where the entire Loan is to be settled in full, the amount to be paid shall include all outstanding installments together with all financial charges, com-
mission, profit, costs and fees accrued in respect of the Loan and all other amounts due under this Agreement on the date of prepayment.
7. Representations and Undertakings
7.1 Undertakings
The Customer undertakes to Samba that he/she shall:
(a) promptly inform Samba of the occurrence of any Event of Default;
(b) comply in all material respects with all applicable laws;
(c) immediately comply with any request or notice from Samba requesting any information or documentation that may reasonably be requested by Samba
from the Customer; and
(d) procure that the Customer’s obligations under this Agreement do and will rank at least pari passu with all his/her other present and future unsecured
obligations, except for obligations which are mandatory preferred by law.
7.2 Representations and Warranties
The Customer hereby represents and warrants to Samba:
(a) that the Customer has full legal capacity to enter into and perform the obligations under this Agreement;
(b) that in any proceedings taken in relation to this Agreement, the Customer will not be entitled to claim for himself/herself or any of his/her assets im-
munity from suit, execution, attachment or other legal process;
(c) the Customer is not bankrupt, nor have any steps been taken towards having the Customer declared bankrupt or towards the attachment or execution
of any assets belonging to the Customer;
(d) that no Event of Default has occurred, or shall occur as a result of entering into this Agreement that will result in a change in the Customer’s business,
assets, affairs or financial condition which would materially and adversely affects the Customer’s ability to perform his/her obligations under this
Agreement; and
(e) that to his/her best knowledge and belief, all information supplied by him/her to Samba in connection with each Financing Agreement is true, complete
and accurate in all material respects and he/she is not aware of any material facts or circumstances that have not been disclosed to Samba.
7.3 Each of the representations and warranties constituted by Clause 7.2 above shall survive the execution of this Agreement, are made on the date hereof and
shall be deemed to be repeated on the date of each payment with reference in each case to the facts and circumstances then subsisting.
7.4 Employment
(a) If stated as a condition precedent in clause 3 of this Agreement, the Customer shall open and maintain an account (the “Account”) with Samba into
which he/she shall instruct his employer to:
(i) pay all of his/her salary into the Account;
(ii) immediately notify Samba of the resignation or termination of the Customer’s services with such employer or of the extension of any credit by such
employer; and
(iii) transfer his/her end-of-service benefits, if any, into the Account in accordance with any authority letter given by the Customer to Samba.
(b) The Customer shall inform Samba within three (3) business days of it occurring of any proposed changes to his employment and/or the business that
he is conducting.


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