Sample Parent-Child Behavior Contract For Tweens And Teens


Directions: Work with your child to come up with a couple goals and the steps you both can take to help change these
behaviors. Help your child develop rewards for meeting goals and consequences for not meeting them. (More input will make
your child likelier to follow the contract.) Post the contract where you both can see it.
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Sample Parent-Child Behavior Contract for Tweens and Teens
This contract between
begins on
April 10th
. We agree to look
at it again after
to see if we need to adjust any details or set new goals.
3 weeks
Goal 1:
Skyla will be ready to leave for school on time.
Step for success: Skyla will pack her backpack and lay out her clothes the night before.
Step for success: Dad will check in with Skyla 10 minutes after her alarm goes o and 10 minutes before it’s time to leave.
Step for success: Skyla will wait to check her email and social media until after she has nished getting dressed.
Goal 2:
Skyla will take responsibility for her actions.
Step for success: Skyla will discuss upcoming activities with Dad so she’ll know how she is expected to behave during
the activity.
Step for success: After the activity, Skyla will have a conversation with Dad about whether she met the expectations.
Both of them will talk, listen and o er feedback.
Step for success: Skyla will apologize when her actions have a negative e ect on someone else.
Rewards & Consequences
As a reward for meeting a goal or for following one of the steps for success, Dad will make a checkmark on the dry-erase
board. For every 10 checkmarks, Skyla can have an extra 30 minutes of screen time. At the end of the week, if Skyla has received
30 checkmarks, she can invite a friend to sleep over or extend her weekend curfew by an hour.
As a consequence for not following at least one of the steps for success, Skyla will lose her phone privileges for
that night if she is late to school. And if Skyla doesn’t follow at least one of the steps for success for taking responsibility for her
actions, she will lose the privilege of spending unsupervised time with friends the next weekend.
May 1
Date to review:


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