Behavior Contract For Leaders Americorps


Behavior Contract for Leaders
As a leader in this group, _____________________________ expects me to:
Instructor’s name
Show respect for my peers, my teachers and myself.
Raise my hand to speak when necessary, remembering not to interrupt with comments that
should wait until after rehearsal.
Pay attention by being quiet and listening to directions.
Avoid conflicts and arguments with other students.
Try my best to learn the material so that I can lead others around me.
Because I am a leader in this group, it is important for me to follow these rules so that the
other students follow my good example. I understand that if I don’t follow these guidelines, I
Be given a verbal warning by _____________________________ outside of class.
Instructor’s name
Be put on suspension from group events such as an assembly, field trip or party.
Be asked to leave this group for the rest of the school year.
Please write the following sentences in the space below: “I understand these rules and the
consequences if they are not followed. As a leader in this group, I will do my best to set a good
example for the other students by being respectful and cooperative.”
Student Signature:______________________________________________ Date: ___________
Parent Signature:_______________________________________________ Date: ___________
Instructor Signature:_____________________________________________ Date: ___________
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