Form 593-V - Payment Voucher For Real Estate Withholding - 2017

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2017 Instructions for Form 593-V
Payment Voucher for Real Estate Withholding
General Information
Foreign Address – Follow the country’s practice for entering, the city,
county, province, state, country, and postal code, as applicable, in the
Use Form 593-V, Payment Voucher for Real Estate Withholding, to
appropriate boxes. Do not abbreviate the country name.
remit real estate withholding payments to the Franchise Tax Board (FTB)
Check the appropriate box for Electronic or Paper, depending on how
whether Form(s) 593, Real Estate Withholding Tax Statement, is
Form(s) 593 was submitted. Check only one box.
submitted electronically or by mail. Use the voucher below to remit
payment by check or money order only. Payments may also be
Enter the number of Form(s) 593 submitted to the FTB.
automatically withdrawn from a bank account via an electronic funds
Where to File
transfer (EFT). For more information, go to and search for
eft, or call 916.845.4025. If submitting payment via EFT, do not file
Using black or blue ink, make the check or money order payable to
Form 593-V.
the “Franchise Tax Board.” Write the withholding agent’s identification
number and “2017 Form 593-V” on the check or money order.
When to Make Real Estate Withholding Payments
Make all checks or money orders payable in U.S. dollars and drawn
Remit withholding payments within 20 days following the end of the
against a U.S. financial institution.
month in which the real estate transaction occurred. The withholding
y If Form(s) 593 is submitted by mail, detach the payment voucher
agent must send Form 593-V with the payment of tax withheld, along
from the bottom of this page and enclose, but do not staple,
with Form(s) 593, to the FTB.
Form(s) 593, Form 593-V, along with the payment, and mail to the
address below.
y If Form(s) 593 is submitted electronically, detach the payment
The withholding agent completes this form. The information on
voucher from the bottom of this page and enclose, but do not staple,
Form 593-V should match the withholding agent information that is
Form 593-V along with the payment and mail to:
submitted to the FTB on Form(s) 593.
Using black or blue ink, enter the business or individual name,
identification number, telephone number, address, and amount of
PO BOX 942867
payment of the party responsible for closing the transaction or any other
SACRAMENTO CA 94267-0651
party who receives and disburses payment for the sale of real property.
Do not mail paper copies of Form(s) 593 to the FTB if submitted
Enter a business name or individual name, not both. If the party is
an escrow company, title company, exchange company, corporation,
The withholding agent retains a copy of this form for a minimum of
partnership, limited liability company, non-grantor trust, or estate, enter
five years and must provide it to the FTB upon request.
the business name and business identification number (FEIN, CA Corp
Interest and Penalties
no., CA SOS file no.). If the business name is not applicable, include the
individual’s or grantor’s first name, initial, last name, and identification
Interest and penalties will be assessed on late payments of withholding,
number (SSN or ITIN). Print all names and words in CAPITAL LETTERS.
unless failure was due to reasonable cause. Interest is computed from
To ensure timely and proper application of the payment, verify that all of
the due date of the withholding to the date paid. For more information,
the information entered is complete.
get FTB 1150, Withhold at Source Penalty Information.
Private Mail Box (PMB) – Include the PMB in the address field. Write
“PMB” first, then the box number. Example: 111 Main Street PMB 123.
Payment Voucher for Real Estate Withholding
Check the box to indicate how Form(s) 593 was submitted (check only one box):  Electronic  Paper Number of Form(s) 593 submitted ________
Complete voucher using withholding agent information from Form(s) 593, Part I.
Business name
  CA Corp no.
  CA SOS file no.
First name
Initial Last name
Address (apt./ste., room, PO box, or PMB no.)
City (If you have a foreign address, see instructions.)
ZIP code
Amount of payment
Do not mail a paper copy of the electronically filed Form(s) 593 with the payment voucher. Mailing a
paper copy of your electronically filed Form(s) 593 may cause a delay in processing.
Form 593-V 2016
For Privacy Notice, get FTB 1131 ENG/SP.


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