Suggested Event Planning Timeline


Suggested Event Planning TIMELINE
Note: Not all items will apply to all events.
This is a list to get you thinking about what planning items will go into your unique occasion.
Six to Twelve months out:
_ Determine event date(s)
_ Identify planning committee and/or key players for planning process
_ Establish planning meeting frequency and times; schedule remaining planning
_ Develop event goals, objectives, program outline, and any key communication
messages for printed and web-based materials
_ Submit and confirm venue reservations (use Web Viewer for on-campus spaces)
_ Submit and confirm lodging reservations (the Hanover Inn will confirm 18 months
out; if using another area hotel, be sure to confirm their release date and note on
lodging card, if sending one to guests)
_ Identify constituencies for guest lists
_ Confirm date with VIPs (on- and off-campus)
_ Identify possible emcee, keynote speakers, etc.
_ Prepare budget estimate
_ Discuss invitation list and estimated yield
_ Confirm invitation lists for events and meals; vet with necessary senior officers
_ Design and develop event database for mailing invitations and tracking RSVPs
_ Outline ceremony and dinner program to review with key officers
_ Brainstorm gift ideas; identify gift vendors; work on design; and determine costs
_ Contact designer for invitation and program designs; initiate design process;
determine deadlines and costs; include accessibility information
_ Identify specific speakers and program pieces; begin discussing AV needs
_ Get sign offs on event program ideas
updated August, 2014


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