Form Nj-1040-H 2015 Property Tax Credit Application (Instructions)


2015 Property Tax Credit Application
Use of Form NJ-1040-H
When to File
names in the State and the county and
municipality in which they are located.
If you were either a homeowner or a
Residents have until April 18, 2016, to
tenant and you meet the eligibility re-
file Form NJ-1040-H for 2015.
Filing Status (Lines 1–5)
quirements for a property tax credit (see
You must use the same filing status on
page 33), you qualify for a credit in the
Identification Section
your property tax credit application as
amount of $50 ($25 if you and your
Name and Address
you would have used if you had filed
spouse/civil union partner file separate
a New Jersey income tax return (Form
returns but maintain the same principal
Place the peel-off label from the front of
NJ-1040). Indicate the appropriate filing
this booklet in the name and address sec-
status. Fill in only one oval. For more
tion at the top of the application. Do not
USE Form NJ-1040-H to apply for the
information on determining your filing
use the label if any of the information
credit only if you:
status, see “Filing Status” on page 14.
is incorrect. If your label contains inac-
curate information or you do not have a
Were 65 or older or blind or disabled
NJ Residency Status (Line 6)
label, print or type your name (last name
on the last day of the tax year, and
first), complete address, and zip code in
If you were a New Jersey resident for
Have not filed and will not file a 2015
the spaces provided. Also include your
only part of the taxable year, list the
New Jersey resident income tax return
spouse’s/civil union partner’s name if fil-
month, day, and year your residency be-
(Form NJ-1040), and
ing jointly.
gan and the month, day, and year it ended.
List all months as two-digit numbers us-
Had New Jersey gross income for
Fill in the “Change of Ad-
ing 01 for January, 02 for February, 03 for
2015 of $20,000 or less ($10,000 or
dress” oval if your address
March, etc. Enter the correct number for
less if filing status is single or married/
has changed since you last
the beginning and ending months directly
CU partner, filing separate return), and
filed a New Jersey return or if any of the
in the boxes con taining the letter “M,”
address information on your label is
Did not own your principal residence
one digit in each box.
in New Jersey on October 1, 2015.
List the days of the months as two-digit
DO NOT USE Form NJ-1040-H if you:
Social Security Number
numbers beginning with 01 for the first
day of the month and ending with 31 for
Your social security num ber(s) is not
Have filed or will file a New Jersey
the last day of the month. Enter the cor-
printed on your name and address label.
resident income tax return (Form
rect num ber for the beginning and ending
You must enter your so cial security
NJ-1040), or
dates directly in the boxes containing the
number(s) in the space pro vided on the
letter “D,” one digit in each box.
Owned your principal residence in
application, one digit in each box. If your
New Jersey on October 1, 2015, or
filing status is married/CU couple, filing
Calendar year filers should enter the num-
joint return, remember to report both fil-
ber 15 for the year directly in the boxes
Were under age 65 and not blind or
ers’ numbers in the order in which the
containing the letter “Y,” one digit in each
disabled on the last day of the 2015 tax
names are listed on the application.
box. Fiscal year filers should enter the ap-
year, or
propriate year in the “Y” boxes.
If you (or your spouse/civil union partner)
Had New Jersey gross income for
do not have a social security number, see
2015 of more than $20,000 (more
Application Section
“Social Security Number” on page 14 for
than $10,000 if filing status is single
more information.
Age 65 or Older or Blind or
or married/CU partner, filing separate
Disabled (Lines 7a and 7b)
County/Municipality Code
Line 7a — Age 65 or Older. Indicate
Enter your four-digit county/municipal-
Homeowner on October 1, 2015.
whether you were 65 or older on the last
ity code, one digit in each box, from the
Form NJ-1040-H is not a Homestead
day of the 2015 tax year. Fill in the ap-
table on page 51. This code iden tifies the
Benefit Application. If you were a home-
propriate oval to the right of “Yourself.”
county and municipality of your current
owner on October 1, 2015, and meet the
If your filing status is married/CU couple,
residence. The county and municipality
eligibility requirements, your property tax
filing joint return, fill in the appropriate
codes in these instructions are for Divi-
credit will automatically be included with
oval to the right of “Spouse/CU partner.”
sion of Taxation purposes only.
your homestead benefit, provided you file
the homestead benefit application.
Proof of Age. The first time you (or your
If the local name of the place where you
spouse/civil union partner) file a property
live is not listed, go to
tax credit application and indicate that
infobank/locality.htm for a listing of local
you (or your spouse/civil union partner)


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