Friendly Letter Format Template


Friendly Letter Format
heading: Check to make sure you have the correct information on the correct line. It
should be on the right side of the paper. See below.
first line - street number and street name
second line - town or city, state and ZIP code
third line - the date
greeting or salutation: Dear So-and-so, (remember your comma!)
introduction: This part is intended to get the person to want to continue reading and to
give the person an idea as to why you're writing. You would usually start out talking
about the person to whom you're sending the letter (it's polite). Then you might want to
give some information about you and why you're writing. This can all go in one
paragraph, or, if it's too long and doesn't "go" in one paragraph, make the decision to
separate it.
body: This is the main part of the letter. It gets to the point of why you're writing. Change
paragraphs and indent each time you change the topic you're talking about. This is the
longest part of the letter.
conclusion: Wrap it all up. Be clever.
closing: Choose an appropriate closing, and sign your name. Make sure this lines up with
the heading. Only the first word is capitalized.
signature: Usually in cursive.


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