Financial Aid Appeal Form - Northwest Louisiana Technical College


Office of Financial Aid
Northwest Louisiana Technical College
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Form
For Title IV Financial Aid Recipients
This form is to be completed for a financial aid appeal ONLY. If you need to appeal academically, you must
contact your specific department/college for the necessary paperwork​ .
Instructions: ​ P lease complete this packet to appeal your financial aid ineligibility. Failure to submit all
documentation and follow instructions will result in a delay in the decision of your appeal.
STEP 1: Student Information
Name (Print): __________________________________ Student ID: _________________________
Telephone Number: ____________________ (​
W here you can be reached between 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.​
Next semester that you plan on enrolling: ________________ Program of Study: _______________
STEP 2: Reason for Financial Aid Suspension
Please check all that apply. I am completing an appeal by answering all of the questions on this form in detail, and I am
including supporting documentation for reinstatement of financial aid. I would like to appeal my financial aid suspension
I currently have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) below the minimum standards (2.0) and feel
that I have unusual circumstances.
I currently have a cumulative completion ratio below the required standards (students must successfully complete at
least 67% of credits attempted) and feel I have unusual circumstances.
I have exceeded the maximum credit hour limit (150% of program length).
Step 3: Appeal Information
Financial aid ineligibility can be appealed if you have suffered undue hardship. In order for an appeal to be considered,
your circumstances must meet at least one of the criteria in the chart below. Please indicate below which situation(s)
best applies to the academic difficulty you experienced. In addition, all appeals must be submitted with supporting
documentation and a completed academic plan. Examples of acceptable documentation are listed in the following chart.
The documentation should be attached to the appeal at the time the appeal is submitted.
Check the Circumstance(s) that Apply
Required Documentation (must include dates)
➢ Signed and dated letter from physician on office
Severe illness, medical condition or injury
letterhead verifying medical problems experienced and
treatment received ; legible copy of accident
➢ Death certificate and/or dated obituary from newspaper
Death of family member or a close friend
➢ Evidence of event such as insurance claim or FEMA
Traumatic life-altering event such as fire,
hurricane, etc.
➢ Appropriate documentation which will verify situation
Other circumstance (Please clearly state the
circumstance if not listed above):


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