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Academic and Financial Aid Appeal Form
SAP APPEAL PRIORITY DATES: Fall: August 1, 2017 /Spring: January 1, 2018
Student Name: _________________________________________________ Student ID#: _________________________________
Student Mailing Address______________________________________________________________________________________
City, State. Zip code__________________________________________________________________________________________
Date of Birth: ____________________________________ Phone Number:_______________________________________
Student Email: __________________________________________________________________________________________
I am requesting an appeal for:
of __________ (Year).
ATTENTION STUDENTS: Submitting this form does not guarantee reinstatement of financial aid or academic standing. The student is responsible for any
charges incurred during periods of ineligibility even if the appeal is not approved. You will be notified of the outcome of your appeal within 10-15 business
INSTRUCTIONS: Complete steps 1-4 below, and submit this completed form with all supporting documentation to the Office of Enrollment Services. Submission
of the appeal without documentation will be DENIED. Appeals should be delivered to the Financial Aid Office located in the Administration Building or emailed
STEP 1: Please Indicate Type of Appeal: (select all that apply)
Financial Aid- Must maintain a 2.00 GPA and complete at least 67%t of the classes attempted
Readmit from Academic Suspension
Academic Amnesty
Retroactive Withdrawal -Course & Section for each class (example MATH 101)
Max Hours
(Provide a list of remaining classes required for your current or second degree signed by your Faculty Advisor.)
Change in major
(Provide change of major form)
Double major
EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES: Extenuating circumstances are considered to be significant life experiences that impacted your emotional and/or physical health
so much that you were unable to make good academic progress while meeting SAP.
Examples of significant extenuating circumstances include:
Medical illness and/or injury (supported by medical documentation)
Death in immediate family: parent, spouse, child, grandparents, siblings, aunts or uncles (supported by copy of death certificate AND/OR obituary)
Call to active military duty (supported by copy of military orders)
Legal problems or police matters
Foreclosure or eviction
Documentation from faculty member for last date of attendance
All of the examples above must pertain to the semester(s) in which you did not meet Satisfactory Academic Progress.
You may NOT base your appeal
Your need for financial aid
You did not know what classes to register for
Your lack of knowledge that your financial aid was in jeopardy
You did not know what to major in
The classes that you took were many years ago
You did not attend class, or stopped going to class
You were not focused or committed to your education


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