Sample Financial Aid Appeal Letter


Student’s Name
City, Street Zip code
Financial Aid Officer’s Name
Job Title
City, Street Zip code
[Mr./Ms.] [Last name]:
Thank you for assisting with my application for financial aid for the [insert year] school
year. I received the offer letter dated [insert date]. While I appreciate the financial
assistance that has been awarded to me, I am contacting you to request
reconsideration due to a significant change in [my or my family’s – (base this on
whether you considered are a dependent or independent student)] circumstances since
the time the application was submitted.
Since the time I submitted my FAFSA, my ability to pay out-of-pocket for school
expenses has gone down significantly and I need a larger financial aid package in order
to continue my education. [Insert a detailed explanation of the reasons why you need
more financial assistance than was requested. Do not be overly emotional, but paint a
very clear picture of why you are experiencing increased need.]
I am committed to pursuing my education and hope that you will be able to reconsider
the amount of financial aid for which I am eligible based on the changes in my situation.
Doing so will enable me to continue moving forward with my goal of earning a degree
from [insert name of school]. Please let me know if any additional information is required
or if I should schedule a time to come and speak with you in person. You may reach me
at [insert phone number] or [insert email address]. Your consideration is greatly
[Your name here]


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