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Account Services
Mail to:
Express delivery only:
✓ Use this form to:
T. Rowe Price
T. Rowe Price Mail Code 17302
• Change bank information, distributions, computer/phone trading
P.O. Box 17302
4515 Painters Mill Road
privileges, or systematic investments.
Baltimore, MD 21297-1302
Owings Mills, MD 21117-4903
This phone indicates this can be done by phone.
This stamp indicates a signature guarantee is required.
This paper clip indicates you may need to attach documentation.
This hand indicates where to sign.
This monitor indicates this can be done online.
Account Information
Systematic Plans
Complete separate forms for accounts that are not identically owned.
Requests to add, change, or stop a systematic plan may be done
Changes will apply to all identically owned accounts (except systematic
online or by phone if a bank account is on file.
plans) unless you attach instructions.
4A Invest via Automatic Asset Builder (AAB)
Owner, Trustee, or Minor
Social Security Number
Complete this section to establish AAB via EFT or update an existing
AAB from your bank account. Minimum investment is $100. Not avail-
Joint Owner, Co-trustee, or Custodian (if applicable)
Contact Phone
able for Inherited IRAs.
Check Frequency
Account Number
¨ Monthly
¨ Quarterly
¨ Semiannually
¨ Annually
Start (mm/yyyy):
(if blank, current month)
Fund Name
Computer/Phone Trading
IRA contributions: Contributions will be current-year contributions
Computer/phone trading privileges for exchanges, purchases, and
unless you check the boxes below to indicate prior year.
redemptions (purchases and redemptions are not available for
¨ January ¨ February
¨ March
¨ April (on or before the 15th)
Inherited IRAs) will automatically be added unless stated otherwise or
the box is checked below.
¨ Remove computer/phone trading privileges for purchases, redemp-
4B Automatic Withdrawal
tions, and exchanges. I understand I must make these requests in
writing and will not be able to trade via the Internet or phone.
Complete this section to set up automatic withdrawals from a taxable
account. Do not use this section for IRAs. To take an IRA distribution or
Bank Information
change an IRA systematic withdrawal plan, use the
IRA Distribution
or you may be able to make the request online or by phone.
This service allows you to move money between your bank account and
¨ EFT to bank account.
T. Rowe Price mutual fund (Fund) account(s) quickly and easily via the
¨ Check mailed to address of record.
Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. Electronic funds transfers
Check Frequency
(EFTs) occur when you initiate them.
¨ Monthly
¨ Quarterly
¨ Semiannually
¨ Annually
Enclose a voided check or a letter signed by the bank on bank letter-
Start (mm/yyyy):
(if blank, current month)
head, which provides the account number, registration, and
ACH instructions.
Fund Name
¨ Checking account or ¨ Savings account
Check one:
¨ Establish EFT or replace current bank account. Default account for
* NOTE: If blank, default is on or about the first business day of the month.
all systematic plans and transactions.
¨ Add this bank to my account as a second bank. Check one:
Dividends and Capital Gains
¨ Primary bank. Default account for all systematic plans and trans-
actions. Existing bank account becomes a secondary bank.
¨ Secondary bank. Bank account is available on request. Existing
Do not use this section for IRAs.
bank account remains the primary bank.
If the bank account owners differ in any way from the T. Rowe Price
¨ Reinvest
¨ EFT to bank
¨ Check mailed to address of record
account owners, a signature guarantee is required for all bank account
¨ Invest in T. Rowe Price fund name and account number noted below*
owners and all Fund owners.
Brokerage Advantage Customers:
Bank information cannot be added
Capital Gains
online or by phone.
¨ Reinvest
¨ EFT to bank
¨ Check mailed to address of record
¨ Invest in T. Rowe Price fund name and account number noted below*
* NOTE: Differently owned accounts require a signature guarantee.
| 800-225-5132
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