Mission Trip Packing Checklist (Warm Weather)


Mission Trip Packing Checklist
(warm weather)
The idea is for each volunteer to be as self-sufficient as possible. Think about what you need to be as
comfortable as possible without having to go to a store.
You will need to have copies of these items available – give them to your group leader:
___ Driver’s license
___ Phone numbers (family physician, church, emergency contact)
___ Health Insurance Information (company, policy number, coverage, agent and phone)
___ Automobile Insurance (if driving)
___Vehicle registration (If driving)
Suggested Clothing (4-5 day supply)
___light all-weather jacket
___Jeans or work pants
___Long and Short Sleeve Shirts
___Sneakers, closed toe shoes
___Work shoes
___Waterproof footwear
___Socks (2/day)
___Work gloves
___Rain suit, poncho or rain coat
___Bandanas or handkerchief
___work clothes
___Laundry bag/plastic bags
___shower shoes (flip flops)
___Bathing Sit (for showers)
Suggested Health, Safety and Hygiene Products
___Prescription medicine
___Nonprescription medicine
___List of allergies – inhaler and EpiPen if needed
___Shaving cream, razor
___Washcloths (or dry Oil of Olay daily facials that can be used to wash your face, body, and thrown away)
___Toothbrush, toothpaste
___Shampoo and rinse ___Comb/brush
Other health items to consider taking
___ A & D ointment
___Allergy kit: bees, etc….
___antibacterial gel
___Feminine needs
___Antacids/Gas X
___Dental floss
___Chap stick
___Diarrhea cure/Pepto Bismal ___Insect spray
___Skin lotion
___Sunblock (15+)
___Foot powder
___Blister kit/bandaids
___First aid kit
___Aleve or Advil
___Eye Wash
___Wet wipes
___Caladryl lotion
___Cough syrup/drops
___bug repellent
___Stool softener, Milk of Magnesia
___food for your special diet needs
___Snacks (healthy, high protein)
___Drinking water
___Refillable water bottle
___electrolyte powder such as Gatorade
Supplies and Equipment
___Bedding (sleeping bag or covers, air mattress)
___Watch or clock
___Special personal items you need for health, safety or comfort
___Bible, devotionals
___ phone chargers, car phone charger, extension cord
Depending on the circumstances, you may need Tools such as (with name marked on them)
Staple gun (manual or electric) , staples
electric and/or rechargeable drill with extra battery and charger
extension cord
hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, utility knife and extra blades
rakes, shovels
safety equipment (work gloves, safety goggles, closed toe/steel toe shoes, chaps)
black trash bags, paper towels


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