Anticipatory Guidance For 4 Month Old Baby


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Anticipatory Guidance for
4 Month Old
At this time, some babies may start cereal, fruits and vegetables. (Breast milk and
formula meet all of your baby’s nutritional requirements until 6 months however many
babies are hungry enough to require some solid food to “fill them up”. If your baby is not
interested in eating now, don’t worry, solids can be introduced at a later time.) Start off
with 2 Tbsp of cereal (Rice, barley or oatmeal.) (If your baby tends towards infrequent
stools or constipation avoid rice cereal) Mix it with some formula or breast milk to make
a thin paste. Feed this to your baby with a baby spoon. Gradually make the cereal thicker.
Although the baby may spit it out at first, he/she will soon get the idea. It usually takes
about a week. Feed the cereal two times a day (morning and evening). After a week of
eating cereal and if eating interests your child, you make introduce fruits and vegetables.
Use Stage I jars or foods with similar consistency (thin). The fruits to start out with are:
applesauce, pears, bananas, (prunes). The veggies: sweet potato and squash. Add new
foods one at a time and alternate fruits and vegetables as you introduce them. Allow 3
days between each food item. After you have introduced all of the above you may then
introduce apricots, peaches, green veggies and carrots last (because of the nitrites).
Continue with Stage I foods until your 6 month visit at which time we will introduce
Stage II foods.
BM’s: With the introduction of food BM’s may vary from previous consistencies, color
and smell. As long as he/she is going regularly and is comfortable there is no problem.
Development: Your baby should smile, laugh occasionally, coo, vocalize, lift head and
shoulders while on stomach, be aware of his/her hands, start reaching and grabbing for
objects and holding a rattle. Over the next few months, your baby may start rolling over,
sitting with support or leaning forward on his/her hands and begin laughing and
squealing. Play social games such as pat-a-cake, peek-a-boo, so-big. Consult Ages and
stages 4-8 months for more ideas.


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