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MLA Works Cited: Books, DVDs, & E-books
Type of Source:
Using Noodlebib?
Work Cited Example:
In-text Example:
Choose this citation
As with all citations, enter the information provided
Your in-text citation must point to an item in your
by your sources.
Works Cited list. Use the first word of your
citation: either the author or the title.
Book by a single
Book > Print tab
Gibaldi, Joseph. MLA Handbook for Writers of
Use last name of the author and the page number
Research Papers. 7th ed. New York: MLA, 2009.
in parenthesis.
You can enter the ISBN
Example: Proper citation style helps to prevent
inadvertent plagiarism (Gibaldi 212).
# for a book. Noodlebib
Capitalize every significant word in the title.
will format the citation
If the name of the author appears as part of your
for you.
Indent the second and subsequent lines of the
text, cite only page number
Example: According to Gibaldi, proper citation style
helps to prevent inadvertent plagiarism (212).
Book by 2 or 3
Book > Print tab > add
Jamieson, Lyn M. and Thomas J. Orr. Sport and
Example: “In all cases regarding violent episodes,
another contributor
Violence. Elsevier: Amsterdam, 2009. Print.
lack of training is responsible” (Jamieson 22).
Reverse the name
If there are more than 3 authors, name only the first
of the first author
and add et al., OR list them all.
Example: Smith, John, et al.
Book > Print tab >
Abel, Mark, ed. How to Avoid Plagiarism. Burlington:
Example: (Abel 187).
Book with an
choose editor from the
Random, 2003. Print.
Role dropdown menu.
Book with no
Book > Print tab >
Cooking with Vegetables. New York: Oxmoor, 1983.
Use a shortened version of the title when there is
leave the author fields
author or editor
no author.
Use the first main word of the title to alphabetize
Example: (Cooking 57).
your entry (ignore a, an, the if they are present.)
Entry in an
Anthology/Collection >
Olsen, Tillie. "I Stand Here Ironing." Making Literature
Example: (Olsen 283).
Matter. Ed.John Schlib and John Clifford. Boston:
Print tab
Bedford/St. Martins, 2009. 281-87. Print.
Film or Video
Dunne, Griffin, dir. Addicted to Love. Warner Bros.,
Example: (Dunne).
Recording >
1997. DVD.
Bitmead, Luke. Heading South. London: Legend, 2010.
Example: (Bitmead 48).
Book > eBook File tab
Digital file type= Kindle
Kindle file
Book > Database tab
Bitmead, Luke. Heading South. London: Legend, 2010.
Example: (Bitmead 75).
(book from library dbase)
Maine Infonet Download Llibrary. Web. 27 Aug.
Example: (Child 31).
Book > Website tab
(book on Google,
Child, L. Maria, ed. The Freedmen's Book. Boston:
Gutenberg etc.)
Ticknor, 1866. Google Books. Web. 28 Aug. 2012.
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