Welcome Letter Template


SUBJECT: Important
[program name]
Affiliate Program Information
We're so glad that you decided to join the
[program name]
affiliate program. We look forward to
working with you and can't wait to send your first commission payout.
This email includes important information about our affiliate program, so make sure to save it or
print it for easy reference.
Your Affiliate Links & Login
Here are your affiliate links to some of our best-selling products. You can also log into your
account anytime to pick up banners, promotional text and other tools.
[insert best-selling links --- you might want to include a solo email or other good converting
And if you need more, log in at:
[link to log in]
user name:
If You Need Help
We're always here to help. Whether you need a hand setting up your links or if you have a
special promotion, we'd love to hear about it. You can contact us anytime at:
[enter contact person's name, email, phone, etc.]
Thanks again and we are excited about this new partnership!
Yours in Profit,
[your name]


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