Welcome Letter To New Wellness Committee Member


Welcome Letter to
New Wellness Committee Member
Dear Wellness Committee Member:
Thank you for agreeing to participate as a wellness committee member for ____________
wellness program. As we launch our new wellness initiative, it is important that we implement
a wellness committee to obtain more employee input and involvement. Only a few employee
representatives have been invited, based on expressed interest, influence among co-workers,
and positive attitude.
Our plans are to meet by monthly at a time that works best for most committee members. If
there are specific issues that you feel need attention at the meeting, please send us as much
information as possible ahead of time so we can be reading to address your thoughts, ideas and
When possible, you will receive information before it is made available to your colleagues.
While we will always be available to anyone who has questions, we hope that you can be a
good source of program information to those around you. We need you to be our eyes and
ears, and to help us be sensitive to all employees’ needs, we also need your help as we
communicate with your coworkers. Sometimes that may mean putting out fliers or brochures.
Other times it may involve helping with an event.
Your committee will serve in a very important advisory role, helping us make plans and
implement programs. However, because other factors are also often involved in planning, such
as budgeting, we may not always be able to meet all your expectations. However, we will
always be honest and straightforward, and will always think positively.
Thanks for your involvement. This is your program, let’s make a difference!


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