Banking Letter Of Reference Template


Banking Letter of Reference
(Use Official Bank Letterhead)
Date (Month/Day/Year)
International Bankers Financial Group
2828 Coral Way Suite # 100
Miami, FL. 33145
Re: (Name of Client)
Account Number: (
International Bankers Financial Group:
Attn: Rudy Pineda
At the request of (Name of Client), we would like to inform you that she has been a valued client of the
bank since (day/month/year).
(Name of Client) has maintained her business with us in a satisfactory manner. On a personal level, we
feel that (Name of Client) is of good moral character, and therefore would comply responsibly with any
financial obligation incurred with your institution. Currently, (Name of Client) has in deposit at this
institution the sum of (
For further information please do not hesitate to communicate with our offices.
(Name of Banker), (Title or position of Banker), (Contact number of Banker)
(Name of Firm)
(Address and Telephone number of Firm)


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