Data Analysis Template


Data Analysis Template
Engage with the actual data and note only the facts that
Generate multiple explanations for your Phase II
What do you think the data will show? Use starters like: I
you see in the data. Reflect and record privately before
observations and identify additional data that may be
assume… I predict… I wonder... My questions/
you share your observations. Remember: just the facts.
needed to confirm/contradict your explanations and
expectations are influenced by… Some possibilities for
If you catch yourself using: because…therefore…it
propose solutions/responses. Reflect and record
learning that these data may present…
seems… however…STOP! Instead use starters like: I
privately before sharing. Use starters like: I believe the
observe that… Some patterns/trends that I notice… I
data suggests… Additional data that would help me
can count… I’m surprised that…
confirm/contradict… I think a solution or response
For Item Analysis Data: The skills that students needed
might be…
to answer this question successfully are…The concept
For Item Analysis Data: What students might have been
this question is addressing is…. The distracter is… in
thinking about the distracter is…
relation to the correct answer
From The Data Coaches Guide to Improving Learning for all Students, edited by Nancy Love, et al. Corwin Press. 2008.
Great Schools Partnership, Inc. 5/25/12


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