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Congratulations on your job offer!
Even if you've accepted a job offer over the phone, it is important to write a formal letter of acceptance. The letter
reinforces your professional approach and gives you the chance to document a few key things about your new job,
such as your title, supervisor, salary and benefits. The letter of acceptance should state your understanding of the
terms of employment and will go a long way in helping to clear up any potential misunderstandings.
Your acceptance letter is not a contract, but if any legal question ever arises over the terms of your employment, it
certainly cannot hurt to have your understanding of those terms in writing.
Here is an example of a letter of job acceptance...
Anita Job
7 Shawnee Road ▪ Arlington, TX 76019 ▪ 817-272-2932 ▪
Mrs. Elizabeth Mellish
Vice President of Operations
Greenley Corp., Inc.
1010 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 01234
Dear Mrs. Mellish,
It was certainly wonderful news when you called this afternoon to offer me the position as Assistant Buyer for
Greenley Corp. Please consider this letter my formal acceptance. I am pleased to accept your offer at a salary of
$29,000 annually.
As we agreed, my starting date will be July 28, 20XX enabling me to finish a summer computer course that will
enhance my skills for Greenley Corp.
I also understand that I will receive full company pay and benefits during the 12-week training program and I am
considered probationary during that time.
Thank you again for offering me this wonderful opportunity and do let me know if I can do anything in advance of
my start date to facilitate the paperwork.
I look forward to working with you and the Greenley team!
Anita Jobs
Anita Job


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