Sample Request For Letter Of Recommendation


Sample Request for Letter of Recommendation
Below is a sample request for a letter of recommendation from a prospective medical student who is
applying to the Stanford School of Medicine. Keep in mind that initial requests should be made verbally, and
followed up with a written e-mail or letter outlining the components presented in the Letter of
Recommendation General Guidelines.
Sample Request
Dear Mrs. Abenathy:
Thank you for your willingness to write a letter of recommendation in support of my college application. This
letter will give you a better idea of the classes and activities that I have been involved with throughout my
high school years (also see my attached résumé).
The other people who I am asking to write a letter of recommendation are Mrs. Hernandez (Spanish), Mr.
Martin (English), and Mrs. Erickson (Principal).
I am asking each person to focus on different aspects of my background, character, academics, and
activities so the college will get a broad sense of my life and skills.
Could you please comment on some of the following points in your letter?
My grade in your Chemistry class (I received a B+).
My participation in your class and contributions.
My involvement in helping other students with chemistry homework, especially students who had a
difficult time with the subject. As you may remember, I tutored Roxanna Barrios three times a week for
one semester and her grade improved from a C- to a B.
My science fair project titled: "What Do We Breathe? A Chemical Analysis of the Air Quality of Central
California." I received honorable mention for my project. I also presented the results to a group of air
quality employees who work for the City of Delano . One of the employees said that he would use my
data at their next city council meeting when they discuss the increasing air pollution.
My academic performance in other science and math classes. I earned either A’s or B’s in Biology,
Algebra I and II, and Geometry. Although I had to repeat Algebra I after doing poorly, I am proud that I
raised my grade from a D+ to a B-.
My goal of attending a college that has a strong science department. I plan to continue to take science
courses and major in a basic science to prepare for a career as a nurse practitioner. I am very excited to
be the first in my family to attend college. My parents were farm workers in Bakersfield where I was
born. Although most of my older brothers and sisters graduated from high school, none have attended


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