Winning Scholarship Application Letter Template


Have a Scholarship Application that Wins!!
There are lots of articles, (some good-some not so good), on the internet that talk about how to
have a winning scholarship application. Remember the earlier and younger you start
applying the better! Start early, the Foundation for the Advancement of Aboriginal Youth
(FAAY) starts their bursaries for students as young as 13. That’s right 13, when you are in your
middle years of school, you can start looking and applying for bursaries and scholarships. Filling
out scholarships takes time so to assist you, we’ve researched a number of articles and have put
together a number of tips to use when applying for scholarships and bursaries.
Pay attention to the deadline date. Try to have your application arrive EARLY if
possible. If you are applying for a number of scholarships it is easy to confuse the
deadlines and send the applications on the wrong date. To avoid this, have a calendar and
write the name of each scholarship in red on its deadline, and in black one week before
the deadline. Try to get scholarship applications in before the black deadline, however,
make sure it arrives before the red deadline date.
Identify and Meet the Sponsor’s Goals. Read through all the scholarship information
watching for details and clues about what the sponsor’s formal and informal
requirements. By meeting the sponsor’s goals you increase your chance of winning
Start your Application with a “Thank You” Cover Letter
1111 Win Street
Town, Saskatchewan, Postal Code
Name, (Chair of Selection Committee)
Whatever Scholarship Committee


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