Sample Scholarship Application Letter Template


(You may use this format as a guide in writing your own scholarship application letter.)
Date (use the date you write the letter)
Dear Scholarship Selection Committee:
My name is (full name) and I am applying for the (name scholarship). I am . . .
(Use this paragraph to tell the reader about yourself and why you are applying for this particular
scholarship. Use simple and direct statements. Tell them about yourself, your family, your
background and anything else that may be of interest about your circumstances.)
During my high school years I . . .
(Use this paragraph to tell the reader about some of the classes you have taken and your activities
at James Logan High School or Conley-Caraballo High School. Mention the different clubs or
events that you participated in during your school years. Mention your hobbies, outside interests
and any work experience that you may have. Also, be sure to mention your Community Service
activities and the number of hours you have completed. You may want to mention any valuable
experience you have gained from a particular volunteer effort. )
After I graduate from high school I plan to . . .
(Use this paragraph to tell the reader about your plans for college or work. Mention the school
that you plan to attend and what you will study. Are you going to go to work and school at the
same time? What are your plans after college? What career will you pursue? Most important,
state why you need scholarship money. How will this scholarship help you? Have you received
other scholarship money already?)
Thank you for considering my application….
(Be sure to thank the scholarship sponsor for considering your application letter.)
(Attach your required documents - letters of recommendation, transcript and any other required
information to this letter or your completed application.)
(Sign your name)
Print Name
Student ID#
Complete Address
Phone Number(s)


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