American Legion Fundraising Support Letter Template


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American Legion Fundraising Support Letter Template
County Commander First name, Last name
My name is (your name) of the(4-H club name) 4-H Club in (your county) County. (Write a brief
paragraph about your 4-H experience in your community.)
There are a multitude of county and state wide activities for 4-H'ers to take part in. Now I have the
exciting opportunity to participate in 4-H at the national level, through the Leadership Washington
Focus program in Washington, DC.
Based in the 50 plus year history of its companion program, Citizenship Washington Focus, LWF
prepares young people to meet the demands of leadership in the 21
century. With your support, I will
learn new skills that will allow me to create a better world at the local and national levels. I will be
exposed to people and situations that will help me grow as a leader who stands out amongst my peers.
And most importantly, your support allows me to be an ambassador for our area and the state of (your
Attending Leadership Washington Focus is an honor, but participation is not free. The program costs
(cost of LWF), which includes my transportation to and from Washington DC, my room and board while
at the conference, and the tuition cost for this exciting opportunity. I have raised money by working at
events and by saving on my own but am looking for your help to make this experience possible. A
donation in any amount will go a long way towards making this trip a reality for me.
The American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary have a long tradition of supporting youth through
leadership programs. The Boys and Girls State and Nation programs are amazing opportunities for youth
to learn from one another and grow as leaders. Leadership Washington Focus is similar, in that it brings
youth from across the nation together to learn from one another. 4-H and the American Legion both
support the importance of civic responsibility, leadership, and empowering youth to lead the nation
forward. Our partnership is a natural one.
Thank you again for your support. Your donation allows me to take the lessons I will learn in
Washington, D.C. and bring them back home to make a positive impact in our community. 4-H is
more than a youth development organization, it is a community development organization. 4-H in our
county is only as strong as its supporters. Thank you for considering my request to support 4-H and my
attendance at the Leadership Washington Focus program in Washington, DC. (Include information
about how your donor can send you money).
To making the best better,


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