Cover Letters For Healthcare Professionals


Cover Letters for Healthcare Professionals
Make a good first impression and capture the attention of a potential employer
Introduce yourself in a way that capitalizes on three or four of your best and most relevant
attributes or skills
Indicate desire and intention to work for that specific employer
Things to note:
Be concise; do not use filler words or sentences
Use the same paper as your resume
Use 1” margins on all sides, double space between paragraphs, and left-justify text
Spelling or grammar errors are UNACCEPTABLE
Your Mailing Address
City, State Zip Code
Current Date
Title and Name of Addressee
His/Her Job Title
Name of Organization
Organization’s Mailing Address
City, State Zip Code
Dear Mr./Ms./Dr. LastName (name of addressee):
Opening paragraph: State why you are writing and how you learned about the
available position or organization. Also state the specific position you are applying
for. You may include basic information to introduce yourself.
Second and third paragraphs: Explain why you are interested in the work of this
organization and how you are prepared for the position you are applying for.
Demonstrate how you are qualified for this position using specific examples from
your previous experience and/or skills.
Final paragraph: Direct the reader to your enclosed resume or application; this will
further explain your experience and qualifications for this position. Closing
statement: Indicate your desire for a personal interview and what you will do to
follow up on your application (e.g., call back or email within a certain span of time).
State that you will gladly provide the employer with any additional information.
Provide your phone number and email address so as to encourage a quick response.
(Your handwritten signature)
Your name typed


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