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CODE NUMBER___________
Scientific Publications MANUSCRIPT SUBMITTAL Form
Please supply complete names, mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, etc., of at least two suggested outside
referees on a separate sheet with this form. Supply one hard copy of the manuscript.
Outside reviewers names, addresses, e-mails attached: ____ ; 1 printed copy of ms. attached ____
Exact Name and Address of Corresponding Author (who will receive page proofs):
Additional Authors: ____________________________________________________________________________
Exact Title of Paper: ____________________________________________________________________________
Hard copy: TEXT: Body (total pages, including tables, excluding art):_______ Tables (number of tables):________
aRT (number of figures): Black and white:_________
Electronic text files: Total number of text (ms. and table) files: ______________________
Digital art files (number): ______________
Notice: author certifies that so far as possible text and illustrations are free from error and ready for publication
in their present form. if author’s alterations average more than two per printed page, the author may be assessed
alteration charges. All color illustration costs must be paid by the author.
author’s signature (and date) :___________________________________________________
Category of author:
available funds for pub. costs:_________________________________
Sponsoring curator and division chair notified (date): __________________________________________________
associate Editor’s signature (and date): ______________________________________________________________
Publications committee chair’s signature (date): _______________________________________________________


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