Sample Project Grading Rubric Template - State Float


State Float
We will get to show our floats to other classes so take your time and be creative. Think about
floats in a parade. They are eye-catching and unique! Please do not bring them in early.
This project is due April 5. (If you need inspiration google “state float projects” and there are a
million different examples.)
Materials Needed: You will need an empty shoebox or tissue box. You will also need
materials to decorate your state float. For example, construction paper, tissue paper, popsicle
sticks, grass, cardboard, toy figures, clay, flowers, ribbon, etc.
You must display the following on the top and/or sides of your float
• Display an outline of your state, and label the state’s capital in the proper place with a
• State’s name and nickname
• State bird
• State tree
• State flower
Pick at least 3 more from this list
• Point of interest
• State symbols
• Scenic attractions
• State motto
• State flag
• State wildlife
** You may add any additional information about your state that you wish. Be sure to use a
variety of materials and remember: You are the designer!
** Floats are to be done at home, students will not be given class time to work on them.
Note: If directions are not followed CAREFULLY, points will be deducted


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